Museum on the Mound

Explore this museum centred around one of humanity’s best and worst inventions: money. You’ll leave richer… in knowledge.
What is money? Great question – and we don’t have the answer. Luckily, the Museum on the Mound is here to answer that for us. Housed in the former head office of the Bank of Scotland, this small museum takes a deep dive into the history of money and economics. Like any well-curated museum, the Museum on the Mound approaches its subject from multiple angles, viewing money through the lens of design, technology, security, and more. The space houses artefacts throughout history, such as Scotland’s oldest banknote and items used historically for bartering, but also invites visitors to enjoy interactive exhibits where they can crack a safe or build a model home. More than 50,000 visitors per year enjoy the museum and it’s become a much beloved Edinburgh institution. Drop by for an hour or so – you’ll appreciate your wallet more than ever.