Go green at the Allotment Gardens

Got a green thumb? Visit these historic communal gardens to see British gardening at its finest – all in the city.
To experience the spirit of country life without leaving the city, visit the Allotment Gardens in Kensington Palace Gardens. These communal gardens first came to life during World War I. Their initial purpose was to fight food shortages caused by the war. In the ensuing decades, they’ve transformed into a community organisation that showcases the bounty and variety of British gardens. Volunteers run the Allotment, rotating out seasonal crops and keeping the space vibrant and alive. It’s not all veggies and fruits, though. Beehives are tended to on-site, helping maintain struggling populations while making sure the gardens are pollinated. For those a little more animal-minded, we suggest saying hello to the Allotment’s chickens. The volunteers are there to share their knowledge, so don’t be nervous to ask them for gardening tips and learn more about how this green spot in the heart of the city.