Find your zen at Kyoto Garden

Take a break for reflection and rest at this serene Japanese-style garden. It’s one of London’s best kept secrets but now you’re in the know.
When peace and beauty are what you need, head to this gorgeous oasis nestled inside Holland Park in West Kensington. Both Holland Park and Kyoto Garden are veritable hidden gems, but the garden is a sight to behold. Opened in 1991, Kyoto Garden was a gift from the city of Kyoto to the people of London, commemorating the longstanding relationship between Japan and Great Britain. This serene space offers you the chance to escape London’s hustle and breathe deeply, all while surrounded by the simple yet stunning beauty of a traditional Japanese garden. Whether meandering among the waterfalls and koi ponds or seeking a glimpse of one of the garden’s elusive peacocks, you can’t help but take in the relaxation and peace that permeate the site. We recommend stopping by in the hours before dusk to soak in the garden’s golden hour.