King Henry’s Mound – it’s not just for royals!

Want to take in the view of London like a king? Visit King Henry’s Mound in Richmond park for a legendary experience.
Make your way to verdant Richmond Park for some of London’s best views. What appears at first to be a steep hill, is actually a Bronze Age burial mound with a storied history. Legend has it that on one fateful day King Henry stood atop the mound, peering steadily in the direction of the Tower of London. This was no sightseeing expedition, however. He was awaiting a signal that Anne Boelyn had been executed and that he was free to remarry. And thus, the mound received its name. Whether this tale is true or not, the legendary view is available to non-royals today. Atop the park’s highest point, visitors can peer through a telescope and take in panoramic views of London. And the law prevents buildings from obstructing the sightline, meaning that future generations will be able to share the king’s view, albeit with less deadly consequences.