Peer into Britain’s smallest police station

Check out this carefully disguised police station in Trafalgar Square, since it is one of London’s most interesting spots hidden in plain view.
While walking through famous Trafalgar Square, make your way to the southwest corner of the square. What appears to be a normal light fixture is in fact Britain’s smallest (and possibly most well-hidden) police station. Built in 1926, the station was designed Metropolitan Police to keep a watchful eye on possibly troublesome protestors. How, you may ask? A light fixture was hollowed out and narrow slits were installed, giving officers a prime view across the square. Should trouble arise, a phone was installed inside the station with a direct line to Scotland Yard. What’s more, the light fixture itself would blink if a call was made, alerting nearby officers. Don’t worry, you’re not under surveillance. The station is no longer in use and now serves as Britain’s most interesting broom closet.