English Garden

The English Garden, or Englischer Garten, is one of the largest inner-city parks in the world. It's even larger than Central Park in New York!
The English Garden is also known as the green lung of the city and is the perfect place for recreation, to have a drink in one of the beer gardens or to run or cycle down the 78 kilometres of tortuous paths. The park is called English Garden because it was not laid out as a meticulously geometrically-designed French baroque garden but in the style of an English landscape park. We like to visit the park in spring, summer and fall when tightrope walkers stretch their slacklines between trees, frisbee players throw their discs and amateur kickers meet for a game of football. Our favourite spot is at the southern end of the river Eisbach, where surfers challenge the Surfer Wave. Only experienced surfers are allowed to hit the waves and their tricks attract many spectators.