Old Peter

St. Peter, or Alter Peter as it is lovingly known by the people of Munich, is not only one of the city’s best-known churches but also one of the state capital's top sights.
St. Peter is the oldest parish church in Munich with the oldest bells and the first tower clocks in the city. The weathered grave slabs on the outer walls of the church take you on a journey back in time. We especially love the 300-year-old baroque high altar as it is one of Munich's best-known religious art treasures. Also, the relics of St. Munditia or the remains of the catacomb saint are a must-see. The saint lived in Rome around 250 and arrived in Munich in the 17th century as a gift. Alter Peter will definitely evoke your spirit, or your nerves, as you climb the 306 steps up to the viewing platform, at a height of 56 meters. It will be worth it, as it offers a great view in all directions - including Marienplatz with the city hall and the Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady) behind it.