Curry 36

In general, taxi drivers know the best places to eat a quick meal. No wonder Curry 36 is their favourite place for a proper curry sausage since 1981!
We will not argue with the Berliner taxi drivers, because with them, numerous locals, and also Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks are big fans of the no-nonsense snack bar, especially the one on Mehringdamm. Hanks visited the place and then let the world know he wanted to spend more time in Berlin, preferably with his own apartment to go to, nearby Curry 36. They even sell some merchandise like hats and hoodies. The staff serving the sausages are Berliners through and through, in the nicest possible way. You can choose from a regular curry sausage, a bio sausage or a vegan version, that’s it. They like to keep it simple, but so, so good.