Dive into the cool water of Amalienbad

This unbelievably gorgeous indoor pool was built in the 1920s. For just a few Euros you can have a swim surrounded by art deco and art nouveau.
In the 10th district of Vienna lies Amalienbad, an indoor swimming pool that was architecturally inspired by Roman baths. Inside, the art deco and art nouveau design creates a stunning effect. This is swimming next level. Especially the tiling in the women’s sauna is particularly eye-catching. You can spend a full day here, enjoying the pool and bubble bath and afterwards relax in one of the saunas. If you are lucky, or just kept a close eye on the calendar of Amalienbad, you’ll find yourself ending up at a late-night pool party, including top-flight DJs and light installations. From young to old, this pool is for everyone who loves to swim at special places.