See where Sisi lived at the Hofburg

Imagine yourself as Empress Elisabeth, or Sisi; walk down the halls of the imperial palace or visit the oldest riding school in the world.
Grandiose apartments, classy dresses, and a glimpse into historic times. Learn all about the life and macabre death of the ‘Princess Diana’ of the Habsburg Empire: Empress Elisabeth. At the former imperial palace Hofburg, you’ll find everything that has something to do with Elisabeth at the Sisi Museum. But that’s not all you’ll find at the Hofburg. This former principal imperial palace of the Habsburg dynasty is located in the center of Vienna and was built in the 13th century. A walk through the Hofburg offers a potted history of Austria itself. Go to the Prunksaal (State Hall) to admire the Baroque splendor of the Austrian National Library and see where Hitler held his Anschluss speech. Do you love horses? Then seek for the Spanish Riding School to admire the Lipizzaner horses performing their nifty dressage work.