Learn about death at the Funeral Museum

With over 50 cemeteries, death is part of everyday life in Vienna. These peaceful retreats often suffer from a bad reputation. Unfair in our opinion!
Located at the Central Cemetery in Vienna, the Funeral Museum, or Bestattungsmuseum, celebrates death as death is inevitable. Most of the Viennese people will end-up at one of the city’s 50 cemeteries and while these places are often mistakenly viewed as scary, Vienna and the Funeral Museum disagree. And we do too. The museum is the perfect place if you want to learn more about the city's culture of the dead. One of our favourites is the display of a folding coffin from 1784, from the time of Joseph II, giving an idea of ​​how Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was buried in 1791 at the St. Marx cemetery. For many years the location of Mozart's remains was unknown, until 1855 when it is believed the grave was discovered at St. Marx.