Vistula Boulevards

Saunter along the promenade bordering the Vistula River. Rest, eat, drink – whatever you need. This is the spot for leisure.
Warsaw in the sun is truly an unforgettable experience. We think that one of the best ways to take in that experience is a walk along the Vistula Boulevards. This 2 kilometres-long trail follows the picturesque Vistula River and offers a little something for people of all ages. It’s a biker’s paradise, with trails set aside specifically for cyclists. For those on foot, this is a perfect way to spend the afternoon. Ramble along the promenade, stopping when you see fit for a bite to eat at one of the many pavilions offering food from across the world. Ready to relax? You’re in luck. The boulevards are full of spaces to take a seat and enjoy the views, including terraces, sun loungers, and mini-beaches. If you’re visiting in the summer, stick around after dark for the light and sound show at the nearby Multimedia Fountain Park.