Library of Warsaw University

Inside and out, you’ll be captivated by this magnificent library. Don’t miss the chance to see this spectacular space.
The Library of Warsaw University is undoubtedly one of the most interesting buildings in Poland, and one of the most distinctive libraries in the world. The mixture of concrete, oxidised metal, and lush vegetation creates an undeniably captivating appearance. Journey inside and explore the massive collection of books from around the globe. There are a few quirky collections, as well. We suggest checking out the Polish Poster Gallery, which features a broad collection of post-war entertainment and political posters from across Poland. Once you’ve had your fill of books, make your way to the rooftop garden. Both its size and sheer beauty are impressive. Wander through the sections, each different from the other. Lose yourself in the green and find a secluded spot to enjoy a moment of zen. You’ll feel like a local in this hidden gem.