Wynand Fockink

You’ll find the tasting room of distillery Wynand Fockink in the heart of Amsterdam, where the city originated in the 12th century.
Wynand Fockink is one of the oldest distilleries in Amsterdam, producing top-notch liqueurs, genevers and brandies since the 17th century. Nothing has changed since then, including the tasting room, so you almost literally take a step back in time. Among the various liqueurs they serve, you will find many old-fashioned Dutch variations, such as Volmaakt Geluk (Perfect Bliss) and our favourite, Hansje in de Kelder (Jack in the Cellar). Inside you are surrounded by wooden panels and stools, a historic bar and a glimpse of the old times in the capital of The Netherlands. The tasting room, which houses a very special collection of antique bottles, still maintains the tradition of bowing for the first sip because of the way they pour the drinks into a small glass, just enough to fill the whole thing so you have to sip the first nip of the little ‘borrelglaasje’. Can you, without spilling a drop?