Artis Zoo

Natura Artis Magistra, or just Artis as the locals call their zoo, is a place packed with the world's most interesting fauna. From tigers to fish and ants to elephants.
Artis is not only a zoo. It’s also a botanical garden, there is a planetarium and a microbe museum. This place is perfect for adventurers, young and old, who like to explore the lives of animals. Artis is the oldest zoo of The Nederlands and one of the oldest in the world, so almost every little Amsterdammer visited the place when they were young. Once inside, coming through the impressive gates with golden eagles on top, you almost instantly bump into the monkey rock, where chimpanzees often show their acrobatic tricks and their fruit-washing skills before eating it with their little hands. Artis is a great place for a family day out and in summer the zoo opens late on Saturdays for music, special tours and one-off performances. You can even order a picnic or barbecue in advance!