Palace of the Parliament

It’s hard not to gasp when you’re standing in front of this imposing building and seat of the Parliament of Romania.
The Palace of the Parliament is an astonishing example of great architecture and building skills, as it is the world's heaviest structure weighing more than four billion kilograms. It consists of twelve above-ground storeys and eight underground levels. It’s too big to explore on your own, so we advise you to book a guided tour. Take a glimpse of rose marble finishes, crystal chandeliers, parquet and wainscoting made of precious woods, velvet curtains and silver and gold haberdashery while you’re strolling through the hallways. Maybe one of the house ghosts will say hello. Urban legends say that they show up once in a while, breaking seals, whistling or making security systems go off. Based on the stories of the night staff of the building, these ghosts started to make their presence felt about ten years ago.