Wieliczka Salt Mine

Head outside of the city for a unique journey into a 13th-century salt mine. You’ll be thrilled by what awaits because it’s more than just salt!
Kraków offers visitors so many special experiences, but we think that the salt mine happens to be one of the best. Take a mini-excursion to the town of Wieliczka, just outside of Kraków. There, you will find the world’s oldest salt mine, dating back to the 13th century. While it stopped producing salt in 2007, it is now open for visitors looking for an experience unlike any other. You’ll descend into the “Mine of Mysteries”, where you’ll learn about the life of mineworkers and the methods they used to create salt. Deep in this underground wonderland, you’ll encounter serene pools and stunning carvings. Under the supervision of a guide, you’ll explore the 3,5 km route and visit the ornate St. Kinga’s Chapel, deep within the mine. Hungry? Don’t worry – you can get delicious Polish cuisine and drinks at the restaurant just 125 metres below the surface!